Béju, a Franco-American artist born in Cognac, France in 1957 began his artist career at age 28. Quickly, his wood carvings spread in New York as he created artwork in residences on Long Island and Manhattan. His earliest works are a set of trompe l'œil wood carvings. After 24 years of carving many memorable pieces, Béju now focuses on “Dudali” humanoid sculptures that express emotions through the dialogue of body language. He has created over 120 Dudali sculptures in both the US and Europe, ranging from large-scale site-specific work to rogue sculpture street art in cities like Paris, Tours, Nice, Barcelona, Helsinki, New York, San Francisco and Miami. For more about Béju’s Dudali work, www.dudali.com.



Sherryl Muriente, a multidisciplinary artist with a background in architecture and urban design explores the theories of urban acupuncture and the archeology of local knowledge through performance and site specific work. In the past, as an academic, she has translated these theories into the classroom and has conducted both community and professional workshops in the US and the Caribbean. As a performing artist, she has evolved into choreographing site-specific work and the creation of places for performers to operate. Muriente’s ability to listen to place and people, is key to her interventions, translating ideas that would seem unachievable into a reality. She also uses art as a tool to engage the community into becoming part of her work blurring the lines, between art, urbanism, and spectators seamlessly.

“Béju’s ability to express emotions through his Dudali sculptures is surreal. People make up stories and even describe the sculpture’s facial expressions, even though they are the most minimalist representation of body language. Dudali is feigned simplicity.”


LeJobart is an artist duo that has worked with municipalities and developers to facilitate, manage, create and install public art. Together they build large-scale site-specific installations with performances. Sherryl Muriente, an artist with degrees in architecture and urban design, works with the theme of urban acupuncture and how to reactivate public space through performance, art, and ephemeral designs. Béju is an artist and builder who complements public spaces with his large scale “Dudali” humanoid sculptures that create scenes that foster happiness. 

“Sherryl is an individual gifted with ‘contagious enthusiasm,’ she has the ability to listen to place and people, translating ideas that would seem unachievable into a reality.”



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